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AdoCbl AdoCbl-Variant Cobalamin c-di-GMP-II FMN glmS
Glycine Lysine MOCO_RNA_motif PreQ1 preQ1-II purine
SMK_box THF TPP T-box yybP-ykoY ykkC-yxkD (Guanidine-I)
Newly added riboswitch classes

c-di-GMP-I Fluoride Glutamine Mg_sensor NiCo
ydaO-yuaA (cyclic di-AMP) ykoK (Mg2+) mini-ykkC (Guanidine-II) ykkC-III (Guanidine-III) ZMP-ZTP
Other: For finding other or new classes of riboswitches upload a file containing at least four seed sequences in FASTA format (Example)


Note: Searching for more than one riboswitch class in a complete genome sequence will take more time than searching for a single riboswitch class in a complete genome sequence. Riboswitch Scanner takes an average of 30 seconds per 1 million base pairs to generate the complete results.